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Cannabidiol which has been shorten for “CBD” is a compound produced by the cannabis plant, which is quickly growing in popularity and becoming the most talked about subject around the world. It is one of many different molecules called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol has been shortened to CBD simply because it’s customary for cannabinoids to have a three-letter designation, such as THC for tetrahydrocannabinol, CBG for cannabigerol, CBN for cannabinol and so forth. THC is the most famous member of the cannabinoid’s family; it’s the one found in marijuana that causes a high.

CBD oil is finding its way into a variety of products, from tinctures and drops to CBD-infused edibles and CBD balms, as well as a wide range of cosmetics. CBD oil is also becoming popular amongst pet owners who wish to help their pets live healthier lives.

Being a family of four based in Atlanta, Georgia our household suffered from various alignments such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, suffering from sleep deprivation, arthritis, and eczema as well as our parents having intolerable pain which caused us to inquire and study the effects of CBD. Although we weren’t sure exactly how it would hinder our wellbeing since there has been so much adversity around this industry; we took a leap of faith and decided to take a risk with CBD due to our intensive study and research. The effects of us taking CDB hasn’t necessarily cured our different symptoms, but we can say it has provided an invigorating relief. Being a product of our product that we truly believe in caused us to officially formalize New Leaf Evolution as a result of wanting to help others beside our loves ones. We have recognized that our society is moving at a rapid pace and there are times when one may need a shift in their mood swings, a relief from anxiety and stress or just want to be relaxed which causes them to seek some type of relief. New Leaf Evolution is here to help and will create a new beginning of wellness.

  • Phenomenal Farming
  • Raw Hemp Processing
  • Proprietary Extraction
  • Separation
  • THC Removal and Refining
  • Third-Party Lab Testing
  • Our Proprietary Nanoemulsion Technology

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