About Us

Being a family of four based in Atlanta, Georgia our household suffered from various alignments such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, suffering from sleep deprivation, arthritis, and eczema as well as our parents having intolerable pain which caused us to inquire and study the effects of CBD. Although we weren’t sure exactly how it would hinder our wellbeing since there has been so much adversity around this industry; we took a leap of faith and decided to take a risk with CBD due to our intensive study and research. The effects of us taking CDB hasn’t necessarily cured our different symptoms, but we can say it has provided an invigorating relief. Being a product of our product that we truly believe in caused us to officially formalize New Leaf Evolution as a result of wanting to help others beside our loves ones. We have recognized that our society is moving at a rapid pace and there are times when one may need a shift in their mood swings, a relief from anxiety and stress or just want to be relaxed which causes them to seek some type of relief. New Leaf Evolution is here to help and will create a new beginning of wellness


our mission

Our mission is to provide the best naturally organic grown CBD products in the industry and increase the knowledge of improving your wellness and having a healthier lifestyle. New Leaf Evolution believes in world class customer service and will continue to adhere to making sure our customers are completely satisfied.

We have partnered with the Best in the Industry

To further our mission of providing the world’s best CBD products, we chose our partners very carefully. After extensive due-diligence, we at New Leaf Evolution have teamed with some of the best growers, manufacturers, and distributors of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the U.S. Our partner makes the raw hemp compounds that we use in our products. Every ingredient is tested thoroughly through a third-party vendor to ensure we are providing the highest quality for all our products. New Leaf Evolution has an advantage of partnering with best company in the industry. As a premium Hemp based company, our partner is one of the board members of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable which allows us to create the best products available in the industry.